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SpeedLinker – Must-have PDF Link editor for manual professionals.

Improve hyperlink operation efficency to 500%! Must-have tool for PDF Manuals - Data Design SpeedLinker
Data Design SpeedLinker is a Professional PDF Link edit tool which runs on Adobe® Acrobat® for Windows® as a plug-in.
SpeedLinker has strong support in the manual, translation, technical writing and life sciences industries for over 20 years.

It also provides professional features like importing and exporting links, evidence creation by saving Excel® link list, which is not available in Acrobat.

SpeedLinker improves the efficiency of link creation and check to 500%!

Download SpeedLinker 30 days trial for FREE

Point 1. Intuitive link edit & check by two screens interface

The biggest feature of SpeedLinker is the user interface that displays the link source and the link destination on the left and right two screens.

You do not have repeat scrolling forward and back long documents any more.

SpeedLinker greatly improves link efficiency by freeing you from the hassle of alternating link source and destination.

SpeedLinker two pane operation image.

Point 2. One button link navigation

You don’t have to move the cursor around to search and click link frames.

You can jump to see all the links in the PDF with just the one button.

Point 3. Link listing, Excel report generator

Can you respond immediately when client asks you how many links are in the PDF document and no dead links?
SpeedLinker detects PDF hyperlinks, and extracts link count, destination, status of links. You can save them to an Excel file as an evidence. You can also detect anomalies where the link frame does not overlap the text.

Speedlinker Link List
SpeedLinker Link List shows every hyperlinks in the document and its status.
SpeedLinker showing wrong links
Listing broken links. SpeedLinker also detects link frame not on the text object.
Excel report file

Point 4. Export & Importing Links

What if a typographical error is found in the PDF just before completion?

You do not have to worry with SpeedLinker. Export the links you create and import them into a new file so your work isn’t wasted.

Point 5. Link creation from colored text

Enclosing the link frame exactly with the mouse is a tense task.

Are you having trouble with such tasks as enclosing small letters such as footnotes and drawing link frames evenly?

With SpeedLinker, you just color the text where you want to make it a hyperlink. It detects and automatically create link frames over them. You can greatly reduce the time and effort of link creation work.

Try SpeedLinker 30days for FREE!

SpeedLinker system requirements

Microsoft® Windows® 8.1 (32bit/64bit)
Microsoft® Windows® 10 (32bit/64bit)

Adobe® Acrobat® DC / 20xx (32bit)

Download SpeedLinker 30 days trial for FREE