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SpeedLinker ダウンロード

Product information

Product Name SpeedLinker™
Selling price This product is licensed annually.
Please contact us by contact form for the selling price.
Supported OS Microsoft® Windows® 8.1 (32bit/64bit)(*1)
Microsoft® Windows® 10 (32bit/64bit)
Compatible software Adobe® Acrobat® DC / 20xx (32bit)(*2)
Display UXGA(1600×1200 px)or higher recommended.
CPU Dual core 2.0GHz or higher recommended
Memory 2GB or more recommended
Disk space 10MB or more required at the time of installation(*3)
Other applications Microsoft® Excel 2010/2013/2016/2019/Office365(*4)
Misc. You can try it for 30 days After installation.
*1: Support for 8.1 will be until 2023/1/10 when Microsoft’s extended support expires.
*2: It is assumed that the latest updater has been applied. It can be installed on Acrobat 10.x / 11.x, but it is not guaranteed to work.
*3: The disk space necessary for applications other than this plug-in, such as Adobe Acrobat, is not included.
*4: To use the Excel file output function, Excel must be installed. If you are using Office365, please install Excel on your local computer. In addition, support for Excel 2013 will be until 2023/4/11 when Microsoft’s extended support expires.
Before using the product, you must read and agree to the “Terms of Service” displayed on the installer.

Notifications for download

We shall not be liable for any damages caused by using the product.
Most products are free to use for a 30-day trial after installation.
By registering the license key for the trial version product, you can use it as the product version.
Generally, license keys have an expiration date, after which most features will not be available.

Limitations in trial version

You can use all the functions of the trial version, but you cannot use it for business purposes.
The trial version is not supported, so we may not be able to accept inquiries.

For those who are using the old version of the product

Before installing the new version of the product, if you are using the old version of the product, please uninstall the old version of the product before installing.

SpeedLinker license registration

Please follow the steps below to register.
Start Acrobat with SpeedLinker installed.
Click Start Menu ⇒ Data Design ⇒ Obtain and Register License Key, and follow the displayed procedure to register the license key.
Quit Acrobat once.
If the registration is successful, you will be able to use SpeedLinker without being asked about the license.


Please uninstall using the SpeedLinker installer.
The procedure is described below.
Download the latest version of the installer.
Unzip to a suitable location.
Run setup.exe in the unzipped file.
The uninstall will be performed.

Product download

SpeedLinker Installer

Release date 2021/09/30
Size 7.1MB
Release History Release History

How to purchase

Annual license purchase procedure

1) To purchase a license key, please contact us by Contact Form. Please include the following in the message.

  • Product name, product version
  • Number of licenses to purchase
  • Company name, location, name of the person in charge
2) We will confirm your order by email. We will attach the payment method and invoice (PDF) to the email, so if you are sure that your order is correct, please pay the price.
(Please note that we do not issue paper invoices.)
3) After confirming the payment, we will notify you by email.
If you need media media for delivery, we will mail you a CD-ROM when you apply, so please contact support by email.

License key issuance / registration procedure

1) Download the product (trial version) and install it on your PC. Please check the activation number (*) issued at the time of installation.

2) For issuing a license key, please contact us by Contact Form. Please include the following in the message.

  • Product name, product version, license purchase date
  • Company name, location, name of the person in charge
  • Activation number (*)
  • Name of the distributor from which you purchased the product (only when purchasing through an agency)

(*) The activation number is an 8-digit number character string issued to the computer when the product is installed. It does not identify your personal information.
You can also check the activation number from the “License Information” of the product.